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Flashlights designed for SpecOps, LEOs, and the like, so you know they are well made (expensive, but totally worth it): Surefire My recommendation would be the L4, which provides 5W Luxeon LED power in a compact, elegant body. Some might prefer the L2, with its two-stage capabilities, but the additional inch in length rules it out for me. You can always get an aftermarket two-stage switch for the L4 if you must have that option.

Sleep dentistry - one of the greatest inventions ever! In San Mateo, or heck, the entire San Francisco Bay Area and beyond, go to: Cynthia Tong, DDS (cosmetic dentistry, like teeth whitening or veneers, is also available for you aspiring Kent Brockmans. No way I would deal with the hassle of those Crest White Strips when the Zoom! system can give me pearlier whites in about an hour!)

Still the best audio devices: The Minidisc Page
A superior music format that is somehow surviving even after Sony's marketing blunders ("replace your CDs", anyone?) and the uninformed opinions of the masses ("huh, it uses compression so its gotta be bad")

How about a nice Hawaiian Punch! JK's Netspace

No, not Sammo, but John's Law: Patent P(ret)ending?

Amazing resource - technology books (electronic) for free: Tech eBooks

Odd cloud formation at the Maui Ocean Center
why do these look so different on different monitors?